Easy Roasted Vegetables Recipe

easy roasted vegetables, easy roasted vegetables recipeRoasted vegetables are a must in my weekly side dish rotation. I make them at least a few times a week, and not only are they nutritious and delicious, but they are never boring, considering you can switch up which veggies you use depending on seasonal availability and personal preferences.

This recipe is extremely easy — requiring few ingredients and little prep time — and is easily be paired with most meals. While I usually use different veggies depending on the season, I normally stick with this spice mix; it’s a fail-safe and will go with any veggie combo.  Enjoy!

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Cauliflower ‘Rice’ recipe

IMG_2186When I gave up most grains and gluten years ago, rice was a hard one to let go of, as it was a side dish in a huge majority of the meals I made — plus, my husband loves it.

Cauliflower rice saved the day.

While there’s a substantial difference in taste compared to the real thing — I won’t lie — it’s a great substitute.

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