Yummy Fresh Mango Salsa Recipe

Fresh mango salsa recipeFresh crab and sweet potato chips — not paired together, obviously (ick) — are two of my favorite foods. And eating them both with a fresh fruit-based salsa is a must.

I have tried making mango salsa a bunch of different ways — adding some dried fruit, lots of spice, fresh veggies, with a good tomato base, etc. — but ultimately discovered that as long as you are using nice, fresh mangos (Champagne are my favorite), the less you muck them up with a slew of add-ins, the better it tastes.

This recipe lets the mango be center stage — only adding a little spice, some citrus, red pepper and a touch of vinegar — which is the way it should be. And while I mainly use this to top off crab cakes or sweet potato chips (if you don’t have time to make the chips yourself, Food Should Taste Good makes an awesome version) it goes well with most mild fish and fresh veggies, too. Enjoy!

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