Paleo Spicy Pork Recipe with Thai Chili

spicy pork recipe, thai pork, healthy pork recipeI love making marinades in the blender. It’s so simple — saving me from tedious mincing and dicing — and it’s super quick.

This sweet and spicy pork marinade is one of my favorites. You can amp up or tone down the heat based on which chili you pick and whether or not you choose to omit the seeds. I tend to always go for two Thai chili, sans seeds, and I think it delivers the perfect amount of spice that is nicely complemented with the sweetness of the juice and the sugar. If you are looking for something a little tamer, I would go with jalapenos or something milder, but I recommend going for the fire if you can handle it — it’s so yum — and it pairs great with a frosty brew 🙂

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