Best Paleo Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

paleo fried green tomatoes, healthy fried green tomatoes
Me and my husband planned a “drive cross county” vacation a few years back with one goal in mind: Eat. Good. Food. (And drink good beer. Duh.)

I tried to keep most of my choices within the realm of “clean eating” — minus the brews — until we hit a little dive in Kentucky that had the most fantastic-looking fried green tomatoes I’d ever seen. I had to have them. They were beyond delicious — even with the stomach ache that they triggered in my primarily “clean eating” system afterwards.

I sometimes think of them when I’m craving something not so “clean”, which always triggers me to make this Paleo fried green tomatoes recipe. They obviously aren’t as heavy as the classic recipe — which I actually like — but they are yummy, and always seem to satisfy that craving. The bacon is a must with these. I tried the recipe without it and it wasn’t nearly as good — obviously. Eat up!

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Raw Kale and Avocado Salad Recipe

raw kale and avocado salad, paleo raw kale saladMaybe it’s the new-found summer days, but I’ve been on a bit of a salad kick lately. They are easy, light and don’t require any heat; it’s too hot to cook.

While I loved kale cooked or crispy, it’s also one of my favorite salad bases. Your missing out if you aren’t enjoying it raw — which is also the form in which it delivers the most nutritional value. Bring on the vitamins.

While I keep this really simple with only a few ingredients, feel free to throw some nuts, extra veggies or berries in if you wish. I recently served this with Citrus-Marinated Pork and the combination was delicious. Enjoy!

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Yummy Fresh Mango Salsa Recipe

Fresh mango salsa recipeFresh crab and sweet potato chips — not paired together, obviously (ick) — are two of my favorite foods. And eating them both with a fresh fruit-based salsa is a must.

I have tried making mango salsa a bunch of different ways — adding some dried fruit, lots of spice, fresh veggies, with a good tomato base, etc. — but ultimately discovered that as long as you are using nice, fresh mangos (Champagne are my favorite), the less you muck them up with a slew of add-ins, the better it tastes.

This recipe lets the mango be center stage — only adding a little spice, some citrus, red pepper and a touch of vinegar — which is the way it should be. And while I mainly use this to top off crab cakes or sweet potato chips (if you don’t have time to make the chips yourself, Food Should Taste Good makes an awesome version) it goes well with most mild fish and fresh veggies, too. Enjoy!

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Paleo Maple-Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Paleo Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Dried CranberriesI love Brussels sprouts — always and in all ways — but I have always been especially partial to giving them a little sweetness, and caramelizing them with some pure maple syrup is a great way to do that. Throw in some dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds to give this some added texture and flavor, and you have fail-safe side dish. Yum.

These sprouts are great on their own, but I also often throw these over some arugula or spinach dressed with fresh lemon juice and crushed black pepper to make a yummy salad. You can also substitute the pumpkin seeds out for walnuts, pecans or  hazelnuts.

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Awesome Almond Butter Paleo Pancakes Recipe

Paleo pancakes recipe, paleo waffles recipe, gluten-free pancakes, grain-free pancakes, dairy-free pancakesI grew up on Long Island, where a good 24-hour diner was always within a half-mile drive, making it incredibly easy to get a solid stack of pancakes — anytime, from anywhere. When I moved off the island, I was no longer in the land of plenty when it came to delicious breakfast food, and when I turned grain-, gluten- and dairy-free, my pancake-accessibility went scarce to non-existent. Tear.

Since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and pancakes were one of my all-time favorite splurges, I recently became obsessed with crafting — and perfecting (I hope) — the makings of an awesome Paleo pancake.

My experiments sort of became a Saturday morning ritual. I tired a combo of coconut flour/almond flour, adding applesauce, pureed dates, mashed banana, and few other interesting combos; anything to try and moisten them up a bit (coconut/almond flour can be dense, which can make your final product a bit dry).

After numerous trial-and-error Saturday sessions, I found a recipe that satisfied. The ingredient that brought it all together? Almond butter. Duh.

I usually dress these up with some fresh fruit — any combination is delicious — or you could throw some dark chocolate chips in there if you want something a bit sweeter.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that while I think this recipe makes a really solid Paleo pancake, don’t expect a product equivalent to it’s fluffy, flour-based sibling; I’m not a miracle worker 🙂

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Hold the Mayo: Dairy-Free Deviled Eggs Recipe

dairy-free deviled eggs, mayo-free deviled eggs, deviled eggs recipieDeviled eggs: The old-school appetizer loved by all — expect those who want to “just say no” to dairy (and fat — mayo is nobody’s friend).

Thankfully, these little eggs made my way are a welcomed alternative to their mayo-heavy originator, replacing it’s fattiest counterpart with fresh avocado for a still-creamy, but less-lardy appetizer. I have made these for a few gatherings and they always get gobbled up before anyone has the time to think, “Where’s the mayo?” Welcome to the deviled egg of the new age; your waistline will thank you.

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Finally! How to Make the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg Every Time

hard-boiled egg recipe, the perfect hard-boiled eggs, how to make perfect hard-boiled eggsHard-boiled eggs used to be my culinary kryptonite. How long do I boil them? Under what heat? And how can I peel that damn shell without accidentally breaking into the egg in the process?

It never seemed to work out for me. Until now. I finally perfected hard-boiled eggs. This way, they come out flawless every time; no soft-boiled yolks, no hard-to-peel shells, and no super-dry centers; only sheer perfection. Sigh.

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Paleo Molasses-Orange Pork Recipe with Skillet-Roasted Apples

oven-roasted pork chops, roasted apples, Paleo pork recipe, orange pork chopsPork is one of my favorite meats. It’s super tasty and flavorful — and like chicken — can be done in an endless array of ways. To keep it healthy, I normally use lean cuts of loin or boneless center-cut chops, but I also love pulled pork and fattier versions when I’m in the mood for a bit of a cheat.

This recipe was adapted from a post I found on, I just added/omitted a few ingredients based on my personal taste. The original recipe called for sweet potatoes, and while they are delicious — and Paleo-friendly — I tend to try and stay away from starchy fruits and veggies unless I’m paring them with something really light. Considering, I used some beautiful Pink Lady apples that I found at Whole Foods, and I prefer the pairing of the pork with the apples as opposed to the sweet potatoes.

I usually pair this with some arugula dressed with some fresh lemon juice and cracked black pepper. Enjoy!

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