Early Bird Goat Cheese and Cauliflower Frittata Recipe

Cauliflower Frittata Recipe, Paleo FrittataI’m a breakfast girl.

It really is my most important meal of the day. If 10 AM hits and I haven’t had it, I’m hangry.

It’s necessity aside, it can get a little boring. I’m big on omelettes and smoothies for my first meal of the day because you can switch up the flavors, but every once in a while I like to throw in a frittata. I used to love frittata’s before my clean-eating days, and this version takes me right back, only switching up the potato with cauliflower, as the textures are similar. I know this isn’t a far stray from an omelette, as it’s essentially just eggs and veggies, but it just feels  different. Plus, I keep the slices in the fridge and heat them up for a quick snack or breakfast throughout the week.

While this version uses spinach and goat cheese in addition to the the cauliflower, you can do this with any cheese-veggie combo; I sometimes throw some sliced black olives in here as well with the spinach; it’s delicious.

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The Dairy-Free ‘No Mayo’ Egg Salad Recipe

Dairy free egg salad, no mayo egg saladI was never a mayo fan — even before I was on my “clean eating” dairy-free kick — so based on its relation to the fatty condiment, I was never an egg salad fan either. Until now.

This dairy-free “no mayo” egg salad isn’t missing the mayo — even a little. Even those of you who actually like mayo will find it delicious. I promise. Plus, it is vastly more nutritious than its mayo-filled relative, so not only will it have you looking good, but it will keep you feeling good as well. There is also no added fat in my recipe — some similar recipes call for a lot of oil — and the egg and avocado combo make this super filling, so a little goes a long way.

For those of you who are grain-free like me, I usually enjoy this with a lettuce wrap or over some sliced tomato, but it also makes a great sandwich. Enjoy!

This recipe makes a large portion — approximately 5 or 6 large servings

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‘Rise and Shine’ Healthy Egg White Scramble Recipe

egg white scramble, healthy egg white, paleo egg recipeBreakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

I always tend to be the most hungry in the early AM after my morning workout, making my breakfast the most anticipated — and important — meal of my day.

A fresh juice and egg white scramble is my common morning eating routine. I normally throw an additional full egg into my scramble as well to add more flavor and fat.

My scrambles always come with some sort of veggie. Shaved Brussels are my favorite, but I try to switch it up as often as my pantry allows.

This egg/veggie combo makes me feel a little fancier than I am — like I ordered it from an adorably trendy farm-to-table brunch spot. I think its the garlic and fresh herbs that give it that effect. I also always throw in some Chia seeds to give it a nutritional boost. Its super yummy, healthy and always sets a nice tone for the day. Eat up.

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Paleo Baked Eggs in Avocado Recipe

Paleo baked eggs, baked eggs in avocadoThe only thing better than an avocado in your omelette is an egg in your avocado.

Avocado is usually a fail-safe add-in in most meals, but flipping the script and making it the main dish is just as delicious — and something every avocado-lover needs to try.

This dish is great for a snack or breakfast on the go. It requires very little effort to put together and minimal ingredients. It’s also super filling for a small meal and is loaded with healthy fats, fiber, protein, potassium and a slew of vitamins, including vitamin E, B and folic acid.

I usually top this with some uncured turkey bacon — Applegate Organics is my favorite — but this would work with ham or some chopped red pepper, too.

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Hold the Mayo: Dairy-Free Deviled Eggs Recipe

dairy-free deviled eggs, mayo-free deviled eggs, deviled eggs recipieDeviled eggs: The old-school appetizer loved by all — expect those who want to “just say no” to dairy (and fat — mayo is nobody’s friend).

Thankfully, these little eggs made my way are a welcomed alternative to their mayo-heavy originator, replacing it’s fattiest counterpart with fresh avocado for a still-creamy, but less-lardy appetizer. I have made these for a few gatherings and they always get gobbled up before anyone has the time to think, “Where’s the mayo?” Welcome to the deviled egg of the new age; your waistline will thank you.

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Finally! How to Make the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg Every Time

hard-boiled egg recipe, the perfect hard-boiled eggs, how to make perfect hard-boiled eggsHard-boiled eggs used to be my culinary kryptonite. How long do I boil them? Under what heat? And how can I peel that damn shell without accidentally breaking into the egg in the process?

It never seemed to work out for me. Until now. I finally perfected hard-boiled eggs. This way, they come out flawless every time; no soft-boiled yolks, no hard-to-peel shells, and no super-dry centers; only sheer perfection. Sigh.

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