Drink up! Cucumber-Citrus Detox Water Recipe

citrus detox water, cucumber detox waterWater is fantastic. It’s delicious, hydrating and healthy, but it can also be a bit — eh, boring.

Considering, I love to mess around with water add-ins that not only amp up the flavor but boost the nutritional value as well: raspberries, watermelon, cucumber, grapefruit, rosemary, mint, apple cider vinegar? Sure.. throw it in there. Boring water no more! This recipe is one of my favorite infused waters for a variety of reasons. It is immensely refreshing and hydrating; its a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients; it has major detoxifying properties; and, lastly, it’s delicious. Drink up!

Ginger is great for digestion and boosting your metabolism. Lemons are  anti-inflammatory detoxifiers that also aid in digestion. Grapefruits are packed with vitamins and add fiber — not to mention flavor. Cucumbers aid in hydration, add additional vitamin C on top of the lemons and grapefruit, and also have detoxifying properties. The mint adds a touch of sweet without the sugar. Enjoy 🙂

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