Oven-Baked Paleo BBQ Chicken Recipe

Paleo BBQ, Paleo BBQ chicken, BBQ chicken breastsWhen giving dishes that are on the unhealthier side a more nutritious makeover, they can often come out tasting .. er.. gross. And that was the case when I tried recreating a healthier BBQ chicken entree on my first few attempts. Sigh.

But after a few trial-and-error attempts of crafting a delicious non-processed, all-natural BBQ sauce, and not ending up with dried out chicken breasts that don’t hold a candle to the original recipe’s much moister thighs or legs, I think I got it right.

Although it does add a bit of time to the process, brining the chicken here makes a difference, as it gives you a bit more wiggle room related to cook time to prevent sucking all the moisture out of it.

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