‘Happy Summer’ Spice Rub for Burgers

burger spice rub, spice rub for burgers, spicy grilled burger, grilled burger rubFor me summer means burgers.

Outdoor grilling is the best and I love me some summer burgers on the grill. This spice rub is my usual for a burger. Its flavorful and has a little heat, but not too much to turn those off with a tamer taste for spiciness, and it goes great on a turkey, beef or chicken burger.

I usually enjoy these burgers on a lettuce bun with a pickle and some avocado or over a bed a greens. The recipe usually makes enough to season about 4 burgers.

Happy summer!

“Happy Summer” Spice Rub for Burgers

  • 4 lean, 1/2-inch thick hormone-free grass fed burgers (beef, turkey or chicken will do)
  • 1 TB white pepper
  • 1 TB fresh black pepper
  • 1/2 TB cayanne
  • 1 TB oregano
  • 1 TB paprika
  • 1 TB garlic powder
  • Salt to taste

– Preheat grill to about 400 degrees (or a grill pan or skillet will work at medium-high heat)

– Brush burgers with olive oil and season generously on both sides. Let sit for 20 minutes.

– Grill for about six minutes on one side, 4 minutes on the other for a medium burger.

– Let sit, wrapped in foil, for 2 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

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