Banana-Sunflower Seed Butter Easy, Healthy Kid Snack Bites

Healthy Kids Snacks, Sunflower Seed Butter and BananaMy kid never met a banana he didn’t like.

He would — and has — eaten “na-nas” in every meal; including snack.

Always and in all ways. Banana bread. Banana raw. Banana chip. Banana waffle. Banana pancake. Banana muffin. Banana smoothie. You add banana to it, and he’s eating it.

And considering my clean-eating obsession crossed over into how I feed my little dude — I was able to keep him off all things processed and sugar-loaded until his 1st birthday cake — I’m always looking for yummy but healthy kid snacks that he can get excited about but that aren’t the equivalent of the kid-targeted, dyed, sugared, processed snacks that are on every shelf at every super market. No thanks.

These little finger-food snacks are perfect for my little banana-loving nut. They are sweet, filling, easy-to-make, and their main ingredient?… you guessed it.. banana. Duh.

Eat up, little ones 🙂

Banana-Sunflower Seed Butter Easy, Healthy Kid Snacks

– Slice bananas into approx. 1/2 inch t0 1/4 inch slices

– Melt milk chocolate over low heat using a double broiler, stirring constantly

– Add 1/4 TSP seed butter between two banana slices

– Dip banana, seed butter sandwiches into melted chocolate and transfer to to a baking sheet covered in wax paper. Place in freezer and let chocolate set for 15 to 20 minutes. Keep cold in fridge until ready to eat.

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