What is clean eating?What is clean eating?

Fruits and vegetables, clean eating foodsWhat is clean eating? Simply, “clean eating” means consuming foods that are unaltered from their natural form; foods that are raw, whole and non- or minimally processed.

Clean eating and Paleo go hand-in-hand, as Paleo eating requires eating foods that are non-processed and that come from the earth, more specifically foods they were accessible during the Paleolithic era. Some examples of “clean” foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, eggs, and meat and fish. Although, while these foods are considered to be “clean”, when fruits and vegetables are treated with pesticides or chemicals, or are being altered from their natural state, they would no longer be considered “clean”; same goes for meat, eggs or fish products treated with hormones, chemicals or gases.

When trying to determine if shelved, boxed or bagged foods are processed, read the label! It’s easy to spot ingredients that don’t belong.