Primal Zucchini Pasta Noodles with Creamy Avocado Sauce

How to make zucchini noodles, paleo zucchini noodles, zucchini pastaPasta is something I used to know. And while I know why I don’t eat it, that doesn’t mean I can’t also appreciate how wonderful it once tasted. Why do you think every Paleo “diet-er” tries to come up with ways to make eating vegetables feel more like eating grains? Duh. Because they taste good and we miss them.

This is another one of those recipes, and of the “wanna be pasta” recipes I’ve made, this one is in my top five. The creaminess of the avocado is delicious and gives it an “Alfredo” likeness while also making it super filling for a veggie dish. I like to use a ton of garlic in the sauce, but you can cut back to 4 or 5 cloves if you prefer. For the noodles, I use a veggie peeler to make thicker, linguine-like noodles, and it works great, but you’re real fancy and have access to a spiralizer, they work great, as well. I’ve also made raw veggie noodles with cheese graters, but have never been satisfied with the result, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Enjoy!

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‘Almost Paleo’ Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Bacon

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Paleo Sweet potatoesWhenever I’m wanting something a little “sluttier” for a meal I always look to starchy veggies and bacon — turkey or pork will do — or a poached egg as an add-in (throwing one over a salad makes a world of difference).

The sweetness of the maple and potatoes and the saltiness of the bacon in this dish makes for a delicious, gooey and rich combination. You can use regular sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, or a combination of both. I tend to prefer the purple, as they are a bit less sweet and less dense. They can be hard to find, however, so you can stick with their more-findable orange cousin if need be.

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‘As Good as Pasta’ Creamy Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Spaghetti squash salad, creamy spaghetti squash, spaghetti squash recipeMy favorite kind of vegetarian dishes are those that feel like they aren’t. Nothing is worse than trying to pass off a side of veggies as an entree.

This vegetarian plate leaves nothing to be desired. It’s a warm, hearty plate of deliciousness that offers a ton a flavor — perfect for those frosty days. It gets its creaminess from the goat cheese, which I love paired with the bright lemon flavor, pine nuts and black olives (I’m kind of a black olive junky). It’s one of my favorite meals to throw into the mix when I’m getting tried of my usual proteins; it always crushes any boredom I’m having with my common dinner routine. Enjoy!

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Salty Paleo Beet Chips Recipe

Vegetable Chips, Salty Beet chips, paleo beet chipsBeets are healthy, nutritious and delicious, but they don’t really classify as a “snack food” — unless you to turn them into chips.

I’ve been on kind of a veggie chip kick lately. I think I’m just craving something that is crunchy and little salty, but still falls within Paleo nutritional guidelines. These do that.

I always spice these up with some rosemary because I like the extra flavor it adds, but you can omit the rosemary altogether or swap it out for something else  you prefer. Whatever works for you. Enjoy!

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Paleo Crispy Carrot Popcorn Chips!

Paleo carrots, vegetable chips, paleo carrot chips, paleo chipsSometimes you just want some chips. I feel ya. But if you are doing the whole “I want to be healthy” thang, then chips are not the way to go.

You can, however, do a veggie chip. Are they as yummy as a potato chip? While the answer to that is a matter of personal opinion, I can assume many would say, “No.” I wont lie. But one thing you can bet on is that these chips won’t make you feel shitty like some of those greasy processed ones might, which is one reason why they will always get my vote as a snack of choice. Eat up.

One thing to keep in mind when prepping your carrots is how you cut them. You want to be sure you cut them very thin and even so they crisp up. Using a mandolin, food processor or very sharp knife will work. Also, keep in mind that these will shrink a bit, so if you are looking for more of a chip-size veggie, cut your carrots on a long bias; if you cut them into coins, they will curl up and shrink, making them more like popcorn than a chip, which is how I prefer to eat them, but to each his own. Enjoy!

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Paleo Shaved Brussels and Raw Kale Salad Recipe

Raw Kale salad, Shaved Brussels sprouts salad, kale and Brussels sprouts saladIn case you couldn’t tell by my numerous recipes involving them, Brussels and kale are two of my favorite greens. This recipe uses them both — two thumbs up.

Unfortunately, I find tons of people are a little intimidated by raw kale; they think its only good when steamed, baked or fried, but that is so not the case. As long as you remove the stems, chop it thin, give it some massaging in whatever dressing your using and let it sit for a bit afterwards you wont have any bitterness for toughness. There is nothing to fear; in fact, it’s so delicious done this way, and it’s its healthiest form.

Beyond the awesome Brussels-kale pairing, this salad is so tasty. Incorporating the cherries and crispy almonds adds an awesome sweetness and rich, nutty flavor. Yum.

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Healthy Jicama Avocado Salad Recipe

Jicama salad, healthy saladsJicama is one of my favorite root vegetables — and I feel like I don’t use it nearly as much as I would like. I usually remember my favorite forgotten veggie — and throw it into the rotation — when I’m looking to mix up my usual lunch routine. It has a mild and crisp flavor, making it an awesome addition to citrus salads.

This salad is light and healthy, incorporating Mexican flavors, tons of citrus, and a hefty dose of avocado for good measure. This recipe makes 4 servings and it’s very filling — thanks to the avocado — but if you are looking for a little more substance, feel free to toss some protein on top; the flavors are mild enough that few wouldn’t pair well. Enjoy!

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Sweet Paleo Roasted Carrots Recipe

paleo roasted carrots, roasted carrots recipeCarrots have a major split personality — in a good way. They take on a whole new life when roasted. They go from being a crunchy, dense veggie to being awesomely sweet with a smooth, velvety texture. And while I love me some raw carrots coupled with some fresh guacamole or dip, roasted is my favorite way to enjoy this veggie. Hands down.

Further, the fact that this is super simple, totally Paleo, and requires minimal ingredients and virtually no prep only highlights its deliciousness.

These go great with any pork, chicken or steak dish, or solo as a snack. Enjoy!

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Roasted Nutty and Healthy Eggplant Salad Recipe

eggplant salad, paleo eggplant, healthy eggplant recipesEggplant is super versatile. While eggplant parm is a fan-favorite, it’s only scratching the surface of it’s possibilities. It has so much more to offer — both in flavor and health-consciences.

This is a yummy and healthy way to enjoy eggplant that is perfect for this time of year when we are all waving goodbye (reluctantly) to summer and there is a bit of a chill in the air. It has a warm, hearty and creamy nuttiness to it without being too heavy.

While this recipe is great with your standard purple eggplant, I prefer to make it with white eggplant, which tends to have creamier and less bitter flavor than its more well-known relative. Enjoy!

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Summer Fresh Green Bean Salad Recipe

Green bean salad, easy green bean salad, summer green bean salad, fresh green bean saladSummer is the season of the green bean. And I always take advantage of that, as everyone should.

While you can get green beans year-round, they really reach their plump, crisp, fresh potential in their prime season from June to September.

During those months, they are great on their own, but I also like to dress them up a bit with this fresh green bean salad. It’s light, healthy and perfect for summer; not to mention, easy and quick to throw together. I will occasionally add some toasted sliced almonds to this for a little texture, as well. Enjoy!

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