Yummy Paleo Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe

paleo spaghetti, paleo meatballs, I’m a spaghetti squash fanatic; it’s healthy, filling, nutritious and it reminds me of “real” pasta — so it’s awesome across the board; throw some meatballs on top of it and I’m even more obsessed.

Enter my version of Paleo spaghetti and meatballs, obviously sans pasta, flour or breadcrumbs. I tried these meatballs a few different ways, and this version is my favorite. I generally like the taste and consistency that almond flour offers over coconut flour, so that’s my recommendation here, but you could easily sub one out for the other based on your preference. Additionally, these meatballs do have a slight kick to them, so nix the cayenne and red pepper if that’s not your thing. Lastly, I would either use half lean ground beef with half lean ground turkey, or all lean ground beef for these, because, well, they just taste better that way. I made them previously with all turkey, and they just didn’t have the same goodness; a little red meat in moderation won’t kill you. Enjoy!

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‘Happy Summer’ Spice Rub for Burgers

burger spice rub, spice rub for burgers, spicy grilled burger, grilled burger rubFor me summer means burgers.

Outdoor grilling is the best and I love me some summer burgers on the grill. This spice rub is my usual for a burger. Its flavorful and has a little heat, but not too much to turn those off with a tamer taste for spiciness, and it goes great on a turkey, beef or chicken burger.

I usually enjoy these burgers on a lettuce bun with a pickle and some avocado or over a bed a greens. The recipe usually makes enough to season about 4 burgers.

Happy summer!

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‘Cowboy up’ Spicy Steak Rub Recipe

Spicy Steak Rub Recipe, Paleo SteakI’m not a huge red-meat fan, but my husband is a blood-sucking carnivore, so I try to throw him a bone — pun intended — every once in a while for special occasions.

This steak dinner — along with an obnoxiously large box of chocolates and his favorite craft brew 6-pack — was my Valentine’s Day present to him.

This steak is done the way he loves it and the way I would guess a true cowboy would make it — with a little sweetness and a lot of spice. If you’re not a fan a spice, you can omit the cayanee to tame it down a bit, but I would honestly suggest just trolling for another steak marinade or rub, cause this one isn’t for the amateur spice-lover. You’ve been warned.

This should be cooked based on how you like your steak. I always cook it to medium — about to 5 to 7 minutes on each side for a 1 1/2-inch thick piece of meat.

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