The Dairy-Free ‘No Mayo’ Egg Salad Recipe

Dairy free egg salad, no mayo egg saladI was never a mayo fan — even before I was on my “clean eating” dairy-free kick — so based on its relation to the fatty condiment, I was never an egg salad fan either. Until now.

This dairy-free “no mayo” egg salad isn’t missing the mayo — even a little. Even those of you who actually like mayo will find it delicious. I promise. Plus, it is vastly more nutritious than its mayo-filled relative, so not only will it have you looking good, but it will keep you feeling good as well. There is also no added fat in my recipe — some similar recipes call for a lot of oil — and the egg and avocado combo make this super filling, so a little goes a long way.

For those of you who are grain-free like me, I usually enjoy this with a lettuce wrap or over some sliced tomato, but it also makes a great sandwich. Enjoy!

This recipe makes a large portion — approximately 5 or 6 large servings

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Healthy Green Fruity and Nutty Salad Recipe

Fruity Salad, clean eating, healthy salad recipeA nice hearty salad with some added protein never gets boring for me. There are endless delicious — and healthy — variations you can play with when it comes to salad combos.

All my salad recipes have an element of protein — either from nuts, meat or fish — and this one is no exception. And it might be my favorite. Top five at least.

The combo of nuts, seeds, and fresh and dried fruit give it tons of protein and fiber on top of some nice crunchy texture and great flavor — and also make it super filling. This isn’t a whimpy little appetizer-style salad; it’s an entree. So filling and so yum. Enjoy!

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Raw Carrot Salad with Walnuts, Raisins and Poached Egg

poached egg salad, raw carrot salad, paleo carrot saladCarrots are a constant in my life. I may have carotenosis — seriously. Juiced, roasted, raw; for snack, breakfast or side, you name it, I’ll eat it. And this recipe is only contributing to my intake.

This salad is super yummy. The raisins, nuts and egg add the perfect amount of sweetness and richness, and make this so much more than just a bowl of shredded raw carrots and greens.

I always eat this salad on its own, but if you need more protein than the egg provides, this would be delicious with a grilled chicken breast topper, as well. Enjoy!

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‘Hoping For Summer’ Watermelon Goat Cheese Salad

watermelon goat cheese salad, watermelon and goat cheeseI always get overly sun-starved this time of year.

And as the days get longer here in New England and my house starts to look less like an igloo and more like a home, I’m starting to get especially anxious for the first signs of spring.

I stole this salad recipe from my sister — only making some Paleo-friendly additions of my own — and making it this time of year was with a bit of wishful thinking — I was feeding into my end-of-winter angst — as it is very summer-like, anything with watermelon is, in my opinion. But no matter, as it is delicious whether there is sun in the sky or snow on the ground.

Just pretend you are enjoying it by the pool with a glass of chilled white wine in hand — the power of positive thinking, right?

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Paleo Shaved Brussels and Raw Kale Salad Recipe

Raw Kale salad, Shaved Brussels sprouts salad, kale and Brussels sprouts saladIn case you couldn’t tell by my numerous recipes involving them, Brussels and kale are two of my favorite greens. This recipe uses them both — two thumbs up.

Unfortunately, I find tons of people are a little intimidated by raw kale; they think its only good when steamed, baked or fried, but that is so not the case. As long as you remove the stems, chop it thin, give it some massaging in whatever dressing your using and let it sit for a bit afterwards you wont have any bitterness for toughness. There is nothing to fear; in fact, it’s so delicious done this way, and it’s its healthiest form.

Beyond the awesome Brussels-kale pairing, this salad is so tasty. Incorporating the cherries and crispy almonds adds an awesome sweetness and rich, nutty flavor. Yum.

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Healthy Jicama Avocado Salad Recipe

Jicama salad, healthy saladsJicama is one of my favorite root vegetables — and I feel like I don’t use it nearly as much as I would like. I usually remember my favorite forgotten veggie — and throw it into the rotation — when I’m looking to mix up my usual lunch routine. It has a mild and crisp flavor, making it an awesome addition to citrus salads.

This salad is light and healthy, incorporating Mexican flavors, tons of citrus, and a hefty dose of avocado for good measure. This recipe makes 4 servings and it’s very filling — thanks to the avocado — but if you are looking for a little more substance, feel free to toss some protein on top; the flavors are mild enough that few wouldn’t pair well. Enjoy!

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Roasted Nutty and Healthy Eggplant Salad Recipe

eggplant salad, paleo eggplant, healthy eggplant recipesEggplant is super versatile. While eggplant parm is a fan-favorite, it’s only scratching the surface of it’s possibilities. It has so much more to offer — both in flavor and health-consciences.

This is a yummy and healthy way to enjoy eggplant that is perfect for this time of year when we are all waving goodbye (reluctantly) to summer and there is a bit of a chill in the air. It has a warm, hearty and creamy nuttiness to it without being too heavy.

While this recipe is great with your standard purple eggplant, I prefer to make it with white eggplant, which tends to have creamier and less bitter flavor than its more well-known relative. Enjoy!

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Summer Fresh Green Bean Salad Recipe

Green bean salad, easy green bean salad, summer green bean salad, fresh green bean saladSummer is the season of the green bean. And I always take advantage of that, as everyone should.

While you can get green beans year-round, they really reach their plump, crisp, fresh potential in their prime season from June to September.

During those months, they are great on their own, but I also like to dress them up a bit with this fresh green bean salad. It’s light, healthy and perfect for summer; not to mention, easy and quick to throw together. I will occasionally add some toasted sliced almonds to this for a little texture, as well. Enjoy!

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Simple Strawberry and Radicchio Salad Recipe

radicchio salad, radicchio recipesRaw radicchio can be a little too bitter and spicy for some, encouraging grilling or roasting it to mellow the taste. But when paired with sweeter dressings, greens and fruits in salads, raw radicchio can deliver an awesome — and delicious — contrast in flavors.

The sweetness in the Bibb lettuce and the strawberries do the job of mellowing the bitterness of the radicchio nicely here. And while strawberries are my preferred fruit to use in this salad, I have used mangos as well. Feel free to mix it up based on your preference.

If you’re are serving this as an entree, top it with some grilled chicken, salmon or steak.


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Paleo Roasted Cabbage Wedges with Dijon Drizzle

Roasted Cabbage Recipe, Oven Roasted CabbageThis recipe is so insanely easy, and is by far my favorite way to eat cabbage. Move over, coleslaw.

Based on the way it tastes, you would think there is  much more to it, but its minimal ingredients make for a super tasty snack or appetizer. I have served this on a variety of different occasions,  and people are always shocked when I tell them how simple — and healthy — it is.

I’ll sometimes wrap some turkey bacon around the wedge slices before cooking them or top them with crumbled bacon to give them a little something “extra.” Either way, they are fantastic. Enjoy!

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