Paleo Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Recipe

honey mustard chickenI am a fan of anything honey mustard-flavored, but I am especially partial to this chicken recipe because it is super simple, healthy, and basically fail-proof, giving you a ton of flavor with minimal prep time.

I normally use whole grain Dijon mustard, but other types of mustard will do, as well. If you decide to go with skin-on or bone-in chicken instead, I would up the marinade time to 4 – 6 hours to get a bit more flavor. You could also throw the chicken on the grill or in a pan for about 5 minutes per side as opposed to baking them. This dish goes great with just about anything, but I normally pair it with fresh veggies like Brussels sprouts or over salad. It’s also delicious cold. Enjoy!

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Paleo Chicken Soup with Riced Cauliflower

Chicken soup, paleoThe cold weather and my slow cooker have a solid partnership. The second the temperature drops to a certain degree, the slow cooker comes out; nothing helps soften the chill better than a hearty, healthy soup — they didn’t name the book Chicken Soup for the Soul without good reason.

This paleo chicken soup recipe of course is a different take on your mom’s classic — omitting the noodles and adding some cauliflower rice in their place — but it’s just as delicious, and certainly does its job of battling those frosty days and nights. While this recipe doesn’t call for it, I sometimes throw in either leeks or sweet potatoes to “beef” it up a bit.

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