Cashew Cream for Dairy-Free, Vegan Dressing

Cashew Cream, Vegan dressingI recently committed to eat less — or no — meat (gasp!).

And since I don’t do dairy, my diet is feeling more Vegan-y than ever before. And I needed a Vegan dressing in my life. I am not Vegan — I happily eat an egg-white omelette every AM, and you would be hard-pressed to convince me to do otherwise — but the new meatless-me has been searching for a replacement to my regular chicken-over-salad dinner go to.

My solution? Make a better salad.

My ordinary lettuce, tomato, cucumber combo — with some rando special guest appearance like a poached egg or olives — just wasn’t cutting it without it’s meaty counterpart. So I got a little more inventive with my salad creations, and it helped, but I was still bored.

My solution? Make a better dressing. A better, Vegan dressing.

Bingo. That did it.

But it wasn’t easy, as half of the deliciousness of a good dressing is in it’s creaminess, which comes from the dairy.


Cashew cream.

It’s amazing. So creamy and you can use the standard cream — just water and cashews — as your base and spice it anyway you want. Add lemon and garlic for a alfredo-like sauce; or add fresh pepper and olives; honey mustard and miso paste; whatever works. My ultimate favorite combines capers, coconut aminos, black pepper, salt, honey mustard and raw garlic. Delish. And its an exact replica of a Cesar dressing. Yum.

Go ahead, give your salad new life.

P.S – I’ve been plowing through cashews since going “Vegan”. Thrive market has a good deal on raw cashews in bulk.

Cashew Cream for Dairy-Free, Vegan Dressing and Sauce

  • 2 cups raw cashews
  • 1 cup purified water, plus extra for soaking

– Soak cashews overnight or for minimum 4 hours. This is key to prevent dressing sauce from being chunky.

– Discard soaking water and add cashews to blender with 1 cup purified water. Spice as you like.

– Yep. That’s it.

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